Hello! I’m a machine learning practitioner based in Boulder, CO.

My work life has followed a simple theme: to make useful things with data. This has taken me on a journey across many roles and industries, and through many AI/ML applications.

I’m a two-time startup CTO (first at Lumo, an ML-for-air-travel startup, and more recently at Pex, a 100-person digital rights startup powering content identification for the creator economy). I’ve worked at growth stage startups (as a data scientist and manager at Honey, which was acquired by PayPal in a $4B acquisition), and at larger organizations (at Amazon early in my career, where I worked in the personalization/ML group to build recommendations products).

Building real products is where my heart’s at, though I’ve also spent time in academia. I’ve got a PhD from MIT, I’ve done some teaching (at CU Denver), and I love thinking through and solving the hardest problems. In college I studied computer science and math at UC Berkeley and had a few years of obsession with theoretical computer science (graph problems, combinatorics, I love all of that).

I am a frequent speaker and former meetup and event organizer, bringing the ML community together in Boulder, CO. This included the popular data meetup Analyze Boulder, the smaller but mighty Women in Data Science & Machine Learning Boulder, and co-running the data science track at Boulder Startup Week.

I’ve seen multiple AI hype cycles and countless AI/ML products succeed or fail. I am as obsessed with AI as ever and am currently helping startups build useful AI products well.

On a personal note, I love spending time outdoors and do lots of skiing, gravel biking, walking in nature, and trying to surf when near an ocean. Happy to grab coffee or walk and talk.