AI Strategy Offering

Work with me to put together an AI strategy for your startup.

Your situation

Your CEO, your leadership team, and even you yourself are asking about your AI strategy, but you don’t know where to start.

There are lots of questions you need to answer for your business:

As a technology leader you are comfortable owning the technical strategy for the business, but you haven’t spent your career bringing machine learning to production. You need help nailing an AI strategy that will serve the business.

The AI Assessment and Strategy gets you there

The AI Assessment and Strategy will answer the above questions, and form the foundation of the AI strategy for your company. It includes:

The interviews will cover both technical operations and the product vision and roadmap. It will be important to meet with leaders with knowledge across the business (technology, product, sales, sometimes legal) to understand:

These interviews will then drive the AI Assessment and Strategy, which will include the following sections:

With this assessment and strategy, you will have actionable next steps, customized to your business, your team, and your company stage.

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