I once managed an individual who would routinely become extremely upset and express large amounts of anguish over a situation involving others (Why did they do that? That makes no sense, I’m so angry about it! They must not trust me at all, I am so pissed! etc.) Dealing with this onslaught during 1/1s was really dragging me down, and I resented that this person was not able to manage their emotions and that I was playing therapist.

A phone call with my sister completely flipped my thinking about the situation (as often happens when I talk to her!). And it’s something that has stuck with me.

She offered that when someone shows up extremely emotional to a 1/1, this is a gift! Raw and unfiltered emotion is very honest, which is something you don’t always get from people during 1/1s! It’s an incredible opportunity to dig in and address both the reaction, and work through how the individual can resolve the actual situation.